Miki Agrawal is a Social Businesswoman

Miki Agrawal is a social businesswoman who was born in Montreal, Canada. Miki Agrawal lives in Austin Texas, and she is 43 years old. In addition, Miki Agrawal is the co-founder and a Chief Officer of TUSHY. Miki is married to Andrew Horn, she studied at the University of Cornell, and she speaks Japanese, English, French, Hindi, and Spanish.

Miki Agrawal is recently working on a project in her organization to bring bidets into every toilet in America. Recently, her company was acknowledged as having the most creative employees. Currently, Miki initiated an electric bidet, the primary electric seat, having its own designed remote control.


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Currently, she closed the TUSHY funding round to work on a new project to support the globe. Recently, Miki addressed Antarctica’s leadership summit on solving problems on the planet through art and creativity. In addition, she donated to Hyman’s advocacy. Miki is also a mentor to young entrepreneurs and mostly women.

Miki stated that her leap is saving millions of trees per year among elevating people’s hygiene and health. She also added that she is working on a science project, and it will solve any plastic crisis. Currently, Miki, besides other leaders had traveled to Antarctica, and it was a life-changing journey.

Miki is an authentic, passionate, inventive, and creative entrepreneur. In addition, she is a woman of integrity. Miki describes the best friendship as being with a person who loves her for who she is. Her greatest happiness is laughing at life’s magic. During Miki’s childhood, she loved soccer, besides reading novels. She also indicates that her twin sister has an influence on her life. When Miki was growing up, she learned to spend less than she earns.

In addition, the best advice she received in her career is to hire slow and fire fast. Miki, in addition, appreciates the internet as a modern technological invention. Also, Miki is working to save millions of trees that get flushed down, besides saving millions of individuals’ chronic ailments.