Dean Omar Branham Shirley on the Whole


Jessica is an attorney at Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s law firm. They are located in Dallas, Texas. Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s areas include personal injury. Their practice focuses on helping their clients in their legal issues by giving the highest level of service and results.

Dean Omar Branham Shirley has an unconventional work culture, which Jessica attributes to their founder, Dean Branham. After practicing law across the country, Dean Branham joined the firm in the early two thousand. Jessica points out that she ventured into law through debates. She points this out because she was thinking about the fact that most of the team does work in the courtroom. She feels Dean Branham is the best at keeping attorneys out of the courtroom.

She states that lawyers work hard to keep themselves and their colleagues out of the courtroom where they can focus on helping the clients they serve. It is a way to be more effective with their clients. Jessica recognizes that the judicial system makes it difficult for the clients to obtain justice.

Because of this, she feels lawyers who can specialize in different areas are better able to help their clients. She points out that other firms have an overreliance on litigation to keep lawyers from having to go into the courtroom. She cites that she joined Dean Omar Branham Shirley because she felt more like a partner than an employee at the firm.

She says this is something unique to Dean Omar Branham Shirley. Jessica believes that instead of overreliance on litigation, the firm helps its clients with the cases they may not wish to prosecute. She feels this gives them a better position in the system.

Jessica points out that their process helps clients in more ways than one. She feels that their approach allows Dean Omar Branham Shirley to stand out as a firm. She states that they also have substantial success in the courtroom.

She points out that Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s approach is better for the clients who come to them. Jessica states that the firm focuses on results. She explains that this includes if the case goes to court or not.

She adds that the firm also focuses on helping clients through their legal process. Jessica feels that this is a better approach than litigation because it allows the firm to focus on getting results.