Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford’s Achievements Joseph Ashford is the Non- Executive Chair and Founder of K4 Global. It was established through hard work leading other people to more excellent outcomes and building his business. Joseph can identify other people’s talents and support them in accomplishing their goals. Joseph Ashford is a family person, his passion for anything else. Ashford is a leader […]

 ​​Real Estate Investors, Like Luis Horta e Costa, Are Flocking To Portugal

Idealista, a Spanish real estate website, reveals the five Portuguese cities are attracting foreigners in large numbers. Of course, what is not to love about Portugal’s climate, low cost of living, food, and beautiful beaches? Lisbon makes the top of the list of the most popular cities. Loulé, Albuteria, Cascais, and Porto follow close behind. Luis Horta e Costa is […]

Wes Edens is a Man of Many Professional Hats

Wes Edens is a man of many professional hats: finance guru, sports team owner, and now the founder of a new high-speed railroad connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas. But his newest venture also poses some unique challenges, particularly when overcoming resistance from communities along the rail line’s proposed route. In Edens’s words: “If you’re going to get something done […]

 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

According to Time Magazine, Marwan Kheireddine is one of the seven most influential people in the world. His global success is due to his relentless pursuit and dedication to invention, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Marwan Kheireddine’s entrepreneurial spirit was apparent from a young age when he hosted lemonade sale fundraisers at his childhood church with his brother Hamza. Marwan would sell […]

Miki Agrawal is Transforming American Bathrooms

Creating successful businesses in the modern environment is very complicated. The business owners have to face numerous challenges before they could start to enjoy their success. People who are doing well in business such as Miki Agrawal have had to make several sacrifices to be where they are today. The serial entrepreneur has made the United States business community appreciate […]

Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson at the 300 Recreation

In the entertainment industry, Damien Granderson is a founding partner of the prestigious private independent studio G.D.R. He is renowned for his creative and well-considered counsel to clients on becoming long-term successful business people. Over the past year, Damien Granderson has promoted well-known reggaeton performer J Balvin in several breakthrough partnerships. They included an unorthodox cooperative production partnership with U.M.G.  […]

Tenant Representation with Jason Hughes San Diego

Jason Hughes is Hughes Marino’s CEO, Chairman, and Owner. The successful CEO provides tenant representation and property management services. He brings his considerable expertise in property management and finance to bear on a range of important issues for tenants and investors-helping to illustrate both the rewards and risks of property ownership.    The CEO and entrepreneur has been recognized as […]