Trevor Edwards’ Success over the Years


Trevor Edwards is one of the most successful business leaders, and he has been exceptional for his sportswear company. The firm has given Trevor Edwards the mandate to develop strategies and come up with different designs that will make their sportswear the best globally. Trevor has never failed in any of his duties.

He executes all of them perfectly, including signing some of the best athletes globally. Even the company’s brand president acknowledges Edwards’ dedication to the company. According to him, Edwards is very creative and innovative, which has enabled his company to continue performing well, making it one of the best in the industry.

Trevor Edwards was born in England. His father worked in the financial industry while his mother was a health care professional. Both his parents loved him, and Trevor says they played a significant role in shaping his career. According to Edwards, his parents allowed him to speak his mind, developing confidence at a very young age. In addition, his family owned a small garden, and Edwards enjoyed raking leaves and picking apples.

Edwards’s family moved to Jamaica when he was a teenager. After some time, he developed a love of sports, and he played several of them. He also performed well in school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. However, Edwards did not like his first job.

Therefore, he decided to apply for a job in the sports company, where he started working as a regional manager. His dedication and hard work enabled him to get promotions to different positions, which he executed perfectly. Today, he is the corporate vice president at the firm.