Tim Murawski: From Advertising to Augmedics: A Successful Career in Healthcare

Augmedics’ efforts will bring Augmented Reality to surgery. The company’s key focus is to provide surgeons with real-time and 3D guidance during a spinal procedure that eliminates a distraction from the work they do. The company aims to streamline procedures, reduce anesthesia use, and decrease patient recovery. Tim Murawski is a proud member of the Women in Tech Chicago (WIT) Board and an active mentoring volunteer for the organization, an organization that promotes diversity in the tech industry. He has worked with the nonprofits 100 Women Who Care and John C. Lurie Children’s Hospital. 


The organization is an executive development organization with a mission to support Illinois’ top women in business. His corporate bio states that he “developed a global sales strategy for Mazor Robotics and successfully built the company’s commercial organization to over 2,500 employees around the globe.” Tim Murawski has donated to several charitable organizations in Michigan as well as across the US. He has donated to victims of hurricanes, provided clean water in Haiti, and helped build artificial hearts. 


For those projects, Tim Murawski recruited corporate partners to provide mentorship, material resources, and relationships to the recipients. The healthcare expert has also had to spend a lot of time away from his family while growing Augmedics. Despite this, Tim has remained an active supporter of his community. The companies he founded (such as Biomatic) did extensive volunteer work in the Detroit and Detroit suburbs to meet the needs of the communities they serve. 


His daughter lives in the same building that he did as a teenager, and he often hosts meals in the neighborhood to catch up with her. Tim Murawski: He has helped lead initiatives such as the SHINE (Skills, Hospital and Inspiration) program. SHINE is Augmedics’ signature program that allows participants to shadow world-class surgeons and build world-class communication skills. He is known for being an active participant in the community and an active participant in helping to advance the next generation of medical professionals.