Robert Kraft’s Exclusive Profile


Born in Massachusetts in 1941, Robert Kraft is an entrepreneur and also the Kraft Group director. The Kraft Group is a firm that has various assets that assist in real estate expansion, sports, and paper packaging. Nevertheless, Kraft is known for his assets like the Gillette Stadium and also his loyalist in the new England football league.

Moreover, Kraft serves as the committee member of Viacom as well as the Federal Bank situated in Boston. He is also an administrator of Boston learning institution. Considering his early life, Kraft joined Brookline High School and also graduated from Columbia University in 1963. He also received a scholarship that guaranteed him admission to Harvard University for an MBA program.

While at school, Robert Kraft also participated in the Lightweight Football Team. Later, Robert wedded Myra Kraft a Brandeis University degree holder. Myra’s dad, Jacob Hiatt was a Massachusetts’ humanitarian. Robert Kraft also became a fan of the New York Giants but later founded the Franchise firm. He commenced his full-time job in Rand- Whitney firm possessed by Jacob Hiatt and later became its director. However, he established a global Forest Product that helped in producing paper materials.

Moreover, they partnered with Hiatt and came up with one paper firm which is among the best American trading companies to date. Kraft also assisted other business firms to get WNEV-TV and later invested a lot in sports where he purchased various radio stations in Boston. Later, he joined an equity company that financed an auditorium and filmmaking. Robert Kraft has been a fan of American football since1971 until the team transferred to Schaefer Arena. See related link to learn more.

Robert Kraft Bio

Robert is the initiator and director of the Kraft Group. He is a US-based salesperson and a banker who has diversified in various businesses like land and buildings as well as in the entertainment and paper industries. Robert also owns Gillette Stadium.


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