Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

In the building and construction industry, few persons match the energy and authenticity of what Robert Bull brings to the industry with his construction company RoyaleLIfe. Robert has a vast knowledge of how the property market operates, and he capitalizes on his experience to bring forth some of the revolutionary industry products targeting senior citizens.

His company specializes in building bungalows in what has transformed into a bungalow culture around the entire United Kingdom. Robert Bull has a special touch and sense in constructing luxurious houses in a serene, gated community environment.

Robert Bull attributes the success he and his company had for years to the leadership and collaboration he has with his team. RoyaleLIfe recently has introduced one of the revolutionary products in the property market, allowing property owners to acquire properties at the current market price.

The Home Part Exchange Scheme is the engine behind the massive success Robert has in the recent past. He anticipates providing high-end quality bungalows to persons aged over 45 years at the current value of their original home. The company, for instance, will offer a property for sale at approximately 300,000 pounds, while the present value of the property gets estimated at 450,000 pounds.

The Home Part Exchange Scheme saves potential home buyers about 150,000 pounds. If the RoyaleLIfe clients are short of cash, the company has developed a good partnership with financial institutions that come through and offer credit facilities to the cash-strapped buyers. Such measures allow buyers to acquire properties effortlessly.

Robert Bull has made it clear that his company does not have any hidden costs and fees not revealed to the buyers. All the costs and charges are transparent. The company makes things even more effortless by offloading some amounts on behalf of the client—the company foot’s charges such as solicitor fee, stamp duty and estate agent charges. The company makes sure that homeowners occupy a fully furnished bungalow equipped with state-of-the-art appliances.

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