QNET- Lucrative Marketing System or Dangerous Scam

QNET is a Hong Kong-based company engaged in direct selling. It has operations across the world especially in countries where the unemployment rate is high. The company sells high-quality products through its direct selling agents. The company sells products and makes its agents entrepreneurs who earn a good profit through their direct selling module.

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Direct selling is an attractive occupation for many people who prefer self-employment and plan to become successful entrepreneurs. QNET is a company that has an impressive presence in emerging markets across the world. The company sells high-quality products to customers and gives lucrative incentives to customers to promote these products and earn a good profit through sales. Products sold by the company include watches and jewelry, household products, wellness products, nutritional supplements, holidays and, beauty and personal care products. They have customers and agents in over 100 countries across the world.

Despite QNET’s successful business formula, it has been seen as a scam in many countries. Several lawsuits alleging fraud have been filed against the company. Governments and courts have examined the business model of QNET in detail and have found no substance in the allegations made against the company. In some countries like Tajikistan, the business model of QNET combining sales and entrepreneurship was against the law, and QNET changed its business model to work within the laws of Tajikistan. While the model of the business is legitimate, most allegations against the company are by those who misused the business model set by the company.

QNET is a legitimate direct selling business. It helps its customers get the benefit of high-quality products and helps them earn a good income by promoting and selling products to other customers, thus converting their customers into independent entrepreneurs who earn a lucrative profit through sales of high-quality products. See more information at https://www.qnet.net/scam/