Miki Agrawal is Transforming American Bathrooms

Creating successful businesses in the modern environment is very complicated. The business owners have to face numerous challenges before they could start to enjoy their success. People who are doing well in business such as Miki Agrawal have had to make several sacrifices to be where they are today. The serial entrepreneur has made the United States business community appreciate her because of the moves she has been making.


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The business executive got into the toilet paper department not long ago, and she is already making major moves. Toilet paper is used in most American household, and it is difficult to find a bathroom without the commodity. Miki Agrawal chose to bring innovation in the toilet paper section, and she is happy with the response from the community. When the toilet paper concept was launched into the market decades ago, it was ordinary. Miki wanted to change the ordinary product are used to. The American executive had noticed that she was not happy with the ineffectiveness brought by toilet paper. Some of the available toilet papers were causing severe medical infections.

Miki Agrawal needed to change the lives of people because she was not satisfied with the traditional toilet paper. The material used in the toilet paper was also not good for the environment. The material used needed some wood pulp from trees. Miki Agrawal launched the famous TUSHY bidet not long ago, and it impressed many customers around the country.

The incredible hygiene product has swept many people off their feet because of its effectiveness. The growth of the business is prove that consumers are in love with the product. Miki has celebrated many milestones since the time she launched the amazing product. The toilet attachment is very popular in many American homes today. Many people, especially women, love the effectiveness of the TUSHY products.