Kuwaiti European Holding – PR Superstar

Abdulla Al Humaidi has been CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH) since 2012. Under his leadership, KEH has grown from a small family business into one of the world’s largest steel trading and manufacturing companies. As an active member of both the international and regional steel industries, Abdulla Al Humaidi is also known as a PR Superstar for promoting industry development and productivity.

He was recently named by Arabian Business magazine as “one of Arabia’s most influential businessmen.” For him, it is always about people. As part of his mission to promote industry development, his efforts have focused on recruiting and training Kuwaiti talent for steel-related careers. Abdulla Al Humaidi believes that improving public perception through education is critical in creating an environment where individuals can take up steel-related activities as a career choice. 

Only with skilled local talent can Kuwait’s steel industry grow and prosper. This is the goal of Kuwaiti European Holding investment firm, which Abdulla founded as a not-for-profit organization to help young people gain access to careers in the sector. It helps more than 100 students that are already on its roster; it has emerged as one of KEH’s most successful initiatives. In addition to KEH, Abdulla Al Humaidi has a variety of other initiatives that contribute to the advancement and growth of the Kuwaiti industry. 

He is a board member for the Arab Organization For Industrialization (AOI) – one of KEH’s significant customers – as well as being president of both The Society Of Iron & Steel Engineers (ISSME) and the Kuwait Steel Association (KSA). Abdulla Al Humaidi also established two other initiatives, The Arab Iron & Steel Conference (AISC), in its 13th year of operation. He was the first Chairman of this conference before stepping down last year to make way for a younger leadership team.