Energy Efficiency Program of PosiGen Company

Many homeowners are now switching to solar energy as opposed to depending on electricity. Most people have opted for this option considering how much they are guaranteed to save on utility bills every month. However, the purchase of solar systems has never been an easy thing for most people, especially the low-to-moderate income community and community of color in New Orleans (Bizneworleans).


The people of New Orleans had to find ways of making their homes better and more efficient after being struck by Hurricane Katrina. The Hurricane had destroyed the community and this implied rebuilding. Despite 16 programs being started to help with the initiative, the disadvantaged members of the community were not included although Hurricane Katrina destroyed everybody´s homes. The disparity made PosiGen Company opt to help such people in this community. PosiGen came up with solar leasing programs that favored the financial budget of the disadvantaged. With their program, one could lease the solar system for up to 20 years. 


Before leasing, the company’s technicians are sent to their customers’ homes for assessment and check on whether the home is favorable for a solar system switch. After the process and one gets a go-ahead from the technicians, the PosiGen company installs the systems at no charge. Also, the company guarantees no charge on the system’s maintenance all through the 20 years lease. For the people of New Orleans, the lease package was enticing and this made more and more people invest. 

Besides, no minimum credit requirement needed for one to invest in the lease program implied that the program was open to anyone who wanted to have such an upgrade in their homes. Unlike other solar energy companies, PosiGen guaranteed its customers fixed affordable monthly payments. As a result, the people of this community could save on utility bills and overall costs. Having such improvements through PosiGen solar power services also meant improved lives for the people of this community as they could now channel their cash into other things such as improving their local economy. The company also offers a purchasing package for those who wish to make an upfront payment for their solar systems. Besides, this package still includes free installation and 12-year free system monitoring.