Security And Technology – Andrew Frame

In 2017, Andrew Frame established Citizen. Andrew realized there was a gap that existed between security and information. Citizen was initiated to combine location information with 911 intelligence to keep the nation safe. Mr. Frame is a well-known entrepreneur and a software programmer expert. From a young age, he loved technology. Andrew established his first business at the age of […]

Citizen App Pours Its Resources Into Advancements

The power of social media applications has affected everyday communication between different people and various parties. A single individual can now find friends, long lost relatives, or likeminded people from just a few clicks away. However, in the face of industry dominance of major applications, there was still a developer who wanted to try something brand new for consumers. Rather […]

How Andrew Frames Saved lives

Andrew Frame, a business Guru. CEO and founder of Vigilante, in 2016, an app meant to keep people informed about offenses and active offense scenes. In 2017, he launched the app and renamed it, Citizen. Starting Citizen came about when Frame thought of what the world was missing. He thought it would be crucial for him to introduce Citizen. The […]

Andrew Frame’s Innovative Approach To Better Serve Individual And Expand Market

Andrew Frame is a household name in innovation. The serial entrepreneur is recognized for launching Citizen App to inform caution and safety. His professional career hit the road running at the age of 15. During this time, the software programming guru initiated an internet service provider. In 2004, his ability to develop fresh ideas and think out of the box […]