Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Business Mogul

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a highly successful investor with a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration, some could say he is a business mogul, as his many business endeavors have been incredibly prosperous including Hawkers sunglasses, but it is evident his business expertise goes beyond Hawkers sunglasses, he is the owner of O’Haraadministration and his business presence is known […]

Ryan Kavanaugh implements the unthinkable

Most fight promoters would not manage to reschedule a fight within one week if their main event boxer happened to postpone or withdraw from the fight due to various circumstances. But Ryan Kavanaugh was an exceptional fight promoter because he managed to reorganize a fighting event just one week before the due date. He was forced to reschedule the fighters […]

Why Alejandro Betancourt Has Introduced Unmatched Operational Discipline at Hawkers

When business owners hear the word discipline mentioned in business, they have a feeling that it is not mentioned in good faith. Most of the organizational leaders have a feeling that their companies have highly been associated with some operational issues in the business environment that have not been the best when it comes to the success of a company. […]

Abdulla Al Humaidi and His Business Continues To Rock the Investment Sector

Though he studied medicine and majored in surgery, Abdulla Al Humaidi developed much passion for investment to the extent of ditching his profession. Through his passionate investments in various real estate properties, he has become the mentor of the region in the industry. Today, he has endeavored to see the success of this company, KEH, Kuwaiti European Holdings, a firm […]

Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

In the building and construction industry, few persons match the energy and authenticity of what Robert Bull brings to the industry with his construction company RoyaleLIfe. Robert has a vast knowledge of how the property market operates, and he capitalizes on his experience to bring forth some of the revolutionary industry products targeting senior citizens. His company specializes in building […]