Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson at the 300 Recreation

In the entertainment industry, Damien Granderson is a founding partner of the prestigious private independent studio G.D.R. He is renowned for his creative and well-considered counsel to clients on becoming long-term successful business people. Over the past year, Damien Granderson has promoted well-known reggaeton performer J Balvin in several breakthrough partnerships. They included an unorthodox cooperative production partnership with U.M.G.  […]

Dean Omar Branham Shirley on the Whole

  Jessica is an attorney at Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s law firm. They are located in Dallas, Texas. Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s areas include personal injury. Their practice focuses on helping their clients in their legal issues by giving the highest level of service and results. Dean Omar Branham Shirley has an unconventional work culture, which Jessica attributes to their […]