Why Du Shuanghua Decided to Sell Rhizao Steel to Shandong Steel in 2009

The goal of every business owner is to see their organizations emerge as some of the leading companies in the world over the years. This means that such individuals are not interested in selling their companies. Instead, they are focused on coming up with some aggressive strategies that are specifically focused on ensuring that such entities are consistently growing and […]

Andrew Frame’s Innovative Approach To Better Serve Individual And Expand Market

Andrew Frame is a household name in innovation. The serial entrepreneur is recognized for launching Citizen App to inform caution and safety. His professional career hit the road running at the age of 15. During this time, the software programming guru initiated an internet service provider. In 2004, his ability to develop fresh ideas and think out of the box […]

Vinod Gupta: Philanthropist and Innovator

The way that pandemic cases are declining and vaccination rates have increased, people have started to come out of lockdown. Restrictions have lifted significantly. India is not so lucky. They have begun a second wave of the virus. Supplies are not widely available. The medical facilities can not keep up with the patients. People have begun to reach out to […]