Easy solar using PosiGen!

The History Of Who PosiGen Are   After hurricane Katrina, New Orleans attempted to rebuild. Since a large percentage of New Orleans’ population was low to moderate-income, they were disadvantaged against wealthier families. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart alongside creators of the solar power company aimed to address this imbalance since they knew they could assist the poor in restoring their […]

 Why Du Shuanghua Decided to Sell Rhizao Steel to Shandong Steel in 2009

The goal of every business owner is to see their organizations emerge as some of the leading companies in the world over the years. This means that such individuals are not interested in selling their companies. Instead, they are focused on coming up with some aggressive strategies that are specifically focused on ensuring that such entities are consistently growing and […]

Robert Kraft’s Exclusive Profile

  Born in Massachusetts in 1941, Robert Kraft is an entrepreneur and also the Kraft Group director. The Kraft Group is a firm that has various assets that assist in real estate expansion, sports, and paper packaging. Nevertheless, Kraft is known for his assets like the Gillette Stadium and also his loyalist in the new England football league. Moreover, Kraft […]