Abdulla Al Humaidi and His Business Continues To Rock the Investment Sector

Though he studied medicine and majored in surgery, Abdulla Al Humaidi developed much passion for investment to the extent of ditching his profession. Through his passionate investments in various real estate properties, he has become the mentor of the region in the industry. Today, he has endeavored to see the success of this company, KEH, Kuwaiti European Holdings, a firm that he incepted in 2008. Abdulla Al Humaidi has also parlayed other firms’ management, especially in Asia, the UK, and Egypt. 


As the Al Mudon and Renal companies manager, Abdulla Al Humaidi pushed them till they appeared in the region’s stock exchange list. The companies also opened operations in several locations in the global markets. The success of Kuwaiti European Holding in the global market has resulted from the outstanding leadership of Abdulla Al Humaidi (Goodmenproject). 


His passion for management has skyrocketed the operation of this link between the UK and Kuwait real estate and investment industry. Abdulla Al Humaidi has also seen the company open other offices in the Hong Kong region, Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai. In addition, the firm continues to collaborate with high-end mergers to maintain its high stands. In addition, the company invests and collaborates with these high-end companies for its shares to remain high and bring high returns to its shareholders. Under Abdulla Al Humaidi, it aims to remain the leading investment company in the Middle East and even the rest of the world. It operates in various industries like hospitality, medicine, and education. In addition, the company continues to open up other operations in unreached markets.