The Journey Of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an Indian native who was born in 1946. He hails from humble beginnings as his parents struggled to earn a living. During those days, India’s infrastructure was not as developed. Vinod grew up without certain luxuries such as electricity and vehicles. After high school, Gupta attended an Indian technology Institute. Here, he specialized in agricultural engineering. Vinod […]

Ryan Kavanaugh and Thriller Enhance their Media Distortion Game in the NFT Space

Ryan Kavanaugh is the owner of a media company called ThrillerNet. It has been a year since the media company went to the Fight Club to comment thoughtfully on the thriller martial arts. Thriller Fight Club is the next generation that targets a younger audience in music and has proven beyond boxing, MMA, and traditional boxing. Thriller Fight Club has […]

Dean Omar Branham Shirley: Legal Experts in Occupational Safety

Jessica M. Dean is a partner at the Law Offices of Dean Omar Branham Shirley. The law firm represents workers with a life-threatening disease or injury caused by poor working conditions. Jessica M. Dean is committing to holding corporations accountable for negligence and failure to provide a safe working environment.  Early Life and Education  Growing up in a large family, […]

Field Inventory Launches First Mobile App With Cloud Inventory

The leading provider of offering management solutions for innovative inventory has recently announced that it will offer Cloud Inventory for its integration. It will also offer other solutions like in-field inventory management and Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management). Most users of Salesforce will be able to implement applications of the Field Inventory and integrate some of the captured field data, […]

Citizen App Pours Its Resources Into Advancements

The power of social media applications has affected everyday communication between different people and various parties. A single individual can now find friends, long lost relatives, or likeminded people from just a few clicks away. However, in the face of industry dominance of major applications, there was still a developer who wanted to try something brand new for consumers. Rather […]

How Andrew Frames Saved lives

Andrew Frame, a business Guru. CEO and founder of Vigilante, in 2016, an app meant to keep people informed about offenses and active offense scenes. In 2017, he launched the app and renamed it, Citizen. Starting Citizen came about when Frame thought of what the world was missing. He thought it would be crucial for him to introduce Citizen. The […]

Details About Cloud Inventory Products

Cloud inventory products from the leading cloud inventory company DSI are providing effects in the management of businesses. Service work orders and tickets that entail the utilization of equipment, tools, and inventory may now be incorporated into Salesforce’s backend using Field Inventory Management solutions. Complementary applications are also available for use by Salesforce customers. To boost Salesforce CRM’s field service, […]