Ryan Kavanaugh: How Triller Fight Club is Repackaging Boxing Industry to Attract Young Generation

Through Triller Fight Club, Ryan Kavanaugh has been on a strategic journey that is currently focused on ensuring that young people below the age of thirty years have been introduced to the boxing business. Obviously, this industry has been missing some huge revenues by pushing a huge population that could be consuming the products on offer and thereby enabling the […]

Tim Murawski: From Advertising to Augmedics: A Successful Career in Healthcare

Augmedics’ efforts will bring Augmented Reality to surgery. The company’s key focus is to provide surgeons with real-time and 3D guidance during a spinal procedure that eliminates a distraction from the work they do. The company aims to streamline procedures, reduce anesthesia use, and decrease patient recovery. Tim Murawski is a proud member of the Women in Tech Chicago (WIT) […]

New Fortress Energy Makes Great Advances Through Wes Edens’ Leadership

New Fortress Energy recently is an international energy and infrastructure company founded to hasten the transition to clean energy around the world. The company builds and activates natural gas logistics and infrastructure to deliver fully integrated turn-key energy solutions that transform local communities, promote economic growth & industries, and boost environmental stewardship in real-time. New Fortress Energy has announced its […]

Ryan Kavanaugh, Co-Founder of Triller, nominated for coveted sports award

Ryan Kavanaugh, the head of Triller, the innovative boxing, company has not just thrilled boxing fans apparently Sports Awards as well. Recently, OTT, owned by Media Sports, notified Ryan Kavanaugh and his Triller sports team, that they have been nominated for two different awards at the 3rd annual SportsPro OTT Awards, to be held in London, England. The two awards […]